Todos Y Tonya


Todos Y Tonya is a special B&B... We welcome everyone to enjoy this little paradise, but here in Salinas we go a little further, or better yet; we don't look away from things.

This is a place where you (also) as an (ex) cancer patient can enjoy a carefree holiday. You can  take off your wig or get some extra sleep, without anyone being surprised. Because it's all part of it, part of life. And we all belong!


...looking for a wonderful holiday address? Welcome! Here you will find what you are looking for and much more: a lovely  pool, nice rooms, a cozy lounge, plenty of seats and delicious breakfasts in the sun...


...if you are looking for a special holiday address, because of practical reasons;  keeping your scars out of the sun, stiff muscles, sleeping a lot, mixed emotions... If you want to be able to choose: swimming with or without your wig, or prostheses. If you have to (learn to) deal with limited energy. Feeling shame about your appearance or fatigue. If you've lost someone, and you're having a hard time remembering. Or if you know you don't have long and want to share a last vacation with your family or your friends, celebrate life...


...then this is the place for you. Where I and other guests understand that and where you can feel safe. We're all just ordinary people but with big hearts... your welcome ! Because (unfortunately) almost all of us have to deal with cancer and its consequences in one way or another. Todos Y Tonya is not a hospital or institution, no vague situations or well-intentioned advice here,  "just" a magical place to celebrate life together, to be together. Home away from home!


Todos Y Tonya is enjoying. Luxury and quality, nature, where customization and flexibility are of paramount importance in the daily course of business.