Tonya Ernsting

Todos Y Tonya - a very special place to b&b -

Turismo Rural 8432100004875/0



+31 6 1755 6336

Lugar Los Placidos 5, Salinas ( Archidona)

Malaga 29315

Andalusia, Espana 


Ing Bank:

INGBNL2A NL 70 0690 5710 54 t.n.v. AMC Ernsting


Banco de Sabadell:

IBAN ES65 0081 0588 8500 0311 7517  t.n.v: AMC Ernsting


You can find Todos Y Tonya at Google maps, please remember the space between the words.






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The map is approximate, as is often the case in Spain, address and destination are two different things. The Finca is easy to reach without a "dirt road", with the exception of the last 30 meters. There are plenty of parking spaces. You will receive a clear route description. Todos Y Tonya is a 45 minute drive from Malaga Airport.